Sunday, November 03, 2013

2014 Storytelling Conferences in Australia

Weaving Stories Together (NSW)
The Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) will host their biennial storytelling conference Weaving Stories Together on June 6-8, 2014.  Full details will be released at their site:

The Australian Fairy Tale Society

NSW tellers Reilly McCarron and Jo Henwood have formed the Australian Fairy Tale Society.  You can stay in touch through their Facebook group:

The inaugural conference, 'The Fairy Tale in Australia', will be held on Monday June 9, 2014, at the Paddington Uniting Church, 395 Oxford Street, in Sydney. This will be followed by the launch of a Sydney based fairy tale discussion and performance group, inspired by the Monash Fairy Tale Salon reading group.

Cost: $95 each with discounts for early birds and members of the AFTS.

The call for papers closes on 31 January 2014, AEDT, with presenters to be announced in March 2014.
Please send 100-200 word abstract submissions to:

The folklorist Joseph Jacobs published his collected fairy tales in England in the late 19th century. His stories included The Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs, Henny Penny, and Jack and the Beanstalk, and he cites his childhood memory as the source for some of these popular tales. Jacobs was patriotic in his desire to bring English tales to English children. Yet he was born, raised and educated in Sydney, Australia. Why did this eminent folklorist leave our shores to seek his fairy tale treasure elsewhere? Do we have no such riches of our own? Or does the adaptive nature of folklore point to a hidden wealth of uniquely Australian fairy tales?

Proposals are invited for presentations on the following topics:
* Does Australia have fairy tales?
* Australia’s tradition of literary fairy tales.
* Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander fairy tales.
* Asian Pacific fairy tales.
* Australian folklore, urban legends, tall tales, and fairy tales.
* Multicultural Australia - a rich tapestry of fairy tales.
* Transformations of traditional European fairy tales on Australian soil.
* Australian retellings in oral storytelling, literature, theatre, film and television, online, music, and art.
* Which popular tales resonate with Australians, and why?
* An enchanted landscape - the Australian bush, rain forests, mountains, ocean, deserts, and rock formations.

Performers are invited to present short works or a taster to showcase longer works. 

Artists are invited to exhibit and discuss their work.
Along with academic papers, performance, and exhibitions, we are also seeking panelists to discuss Australian fairy tales.

While preference will be given to submissions with an Australian focus, broader topics will also be considered, such as:
* Defining the ‘fairy tale’.
* The written vs oral tradition.
* Who is the fairy tale audience?
* Censorship and cultural editing.
* The fractured fairy tale.
* Strong fairy tale heroines and heroes.
* Jungian interpretation and universal symbolism.
* The healing power of fairy tales.

Presentations will run between 15-30 minutes.

The conference will be recorded, with the permission of presenters, and uploaded to the AFTS website for members’ access.

Storytelling Unplugged

On the first Friday of each month, Meg Philp hosts Storytelling Unplugged.

Tales of wonder, woe and the magic of every day await visitors to the Grange Library, Evelyn Street, The Grange.

The coffee shop opens at 7pm and storytelling starts at 7.30pm. Visitors are asked to contribute a gold coin donation towards event administration.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Storytelling workshop Brisbane 2nd March, 2013

Looking for a half day workshop on storytelling?  Come along to 'Learn to Tell a Great Story' led by Guild member, Daryll Bellingham, on Saturday 2nd March from 10:00 am to 4:00pm.

Venue is at Bright HQ in Teneriffe.

You can find more information at

Ring Bright Learning on 07 3103 2413 to book. 

Or give me a ring on 0417 478 408


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gather for Storytelling - June 17, 2012

Storytellers and friends are invited to gather at Bettina's place on Sunday June 17, 2012 at 12 noon.

Please bring food to share for lunch. After we have nourished our bodies, the story sharing begins.

The story circle will include an update on the recent NSW conference, weaving stories together, as well as the outcomes of the ongoing discussion on national strategies.

For directions to Deception Bay and other details, please ring Bettina. Mobile: 0404 050 324