Thursday, May 10, 2007

Redlands Women's Information Forum (April 28, 2007)

The Queensland Storytelling Guild was invited by the Redlands Women's Information Network to participate in their annual Women's Information Forum. The Redlands Community Cultural Centre was full with displays from community groups and services, and the Redback Room the venue for a health forum, skipping demonstration, debate between students from a local college and Forum Communicators, and more.

Bettina and I, representing the Guild, were scheduled 'after the skipping demonstration, before the debate'. What a wonderful opportunity for us to open with skipping & clapping rhymes prior to Bettina telling 'Elsie Piddock skips in her sleep' (by Eleanor Farjeon). This was well received by the young & talented skippers in addition to all those present. It is a story with much to offer - the values of community, respect for folk of all ages, and integrity (for 'signed and sealed is signed and sealed'.)

Shirley followed with 'Tongue Meat', a folk tale from Swahili. This teaches the values of communication (including tales, music and laughter) and respect.

Bettina and I would like to thank the Redlands Women's Information Network for the invitation; and to particularly thank Rhonda Kelly and Pam Tranter for their hospitality on the day.

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