Thursday, October 25, 2007

Denise Miller - Canadian Storyteller

Denise Miller, indigenous Canadian storyteller, performed at the Kookaburra Folk Club last night. She had a 40 minute set in which she included a greeting song; trickster tales from different traditions (why dogs smell each other's bums; why the coyote howls), the birth of Turtle Island (north america); Skeleton Woman.

Denise indicated to Alex & I afterwards that she uses skeleton woman when talking with indigenous youth – who have the highest suicide rate in Canada. The point of choice to be re-born, to remember what was good about living in community is a worthwhile discussion point. There are some quite nightmarish tellings of the tale's beginning in the Inuit Community, one of which she quickly outlined to me. (Goosebump city, and she said there were worse.)

AWAYE! an excellent Radio National program (6 October) recently featured Native American storytelling. Here is the link at the radio national site: